Windows 10, sometimes background applications need to get your attention, so they flash the taskbar until you acknowledge them. That is super annoying in general as I may be busy and not able to respond immediately to something that's not actually critical (flashing chat windows most notably). If I'm remote desktop over a slow link it's far worse as the blinking eats up precious bandwidth and slows me down.

Is there a way to block apps from flashing there? If they went to simple inverse video instead it would be just as obvious without the above issues. I found several references on-line so far that all basically restate the registry key hack from http://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-flashing-taskbar-buttons-windows which does not work (seems to have zero effect).

Open to registry hacks that actually work or even third party software if available!


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The workaround I found while Microsoft doesn't fix this bug is to use this little app to send apps to the tray bar: https://github.com/fcFn/traymond/releases

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