I installed a minimal version of fedora 27 and have encountered several permission problems.

  1. When I try to mount a USB Stick using Nautilus or PCManFM it displays «Not authorized to perform operation»
  2. My Scanner and Webcam are not recognised by programs like Cheese or simple-scan. They are recognised and work if I start the programs with sudo.
  3. systemctl suspend requires authentication or needs to be started using sudo.

For the third one I found some workaround by just defining in the sudoers file that my user does not need to enter the password for that command systemctl suspend. But it is still not perfect since I need to add sudo which was not required in the normal fedora gnome version.

I'm using fedora 27 with i3 and CDM.


The problem was that CDM spawned the session on a different tty than the one I logged in on.

In /etc/cdmrc I set xtty=1 and locktty=yes and after that I had an active session when I logged in with CDM.

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