I have a plenty of tabs opened in private mode. I would like to open all these tabs in a normal window. Any way to do it without copying each address in the regular tab?

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I would like to open all these [private] tabs in a normal window.

Try the Incognito Tab Switch:

The extension currently supports switching from normal to incognito mode and vice versa with equivalent functionality. New instances of each window mode are merged as you go; you will only ever have one window in each mode. Multiple tabs can be switched out at once and will still be re-inserted in their correct position among the other tabs.

Source Chrome Web Store - Extensions

When you press the Incognito Tab Switch button, it opens up your current tab in an incognito window. Keep pushing the button, and each tab gets added to the new incognito session. If you enable the extension to work in incognito mode, you can also switch those tabs back to normal browser tabs with a click.

Source Incognito Tab Switch Flips Any Open Tab Over to Incognito Mode

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Bookmark all tabs (in the incognito window, CTRL-SHIFT-D). Close the window. From the bookmarks menu, right-click on the new folder and choose "Open all in new window".

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