Notepad++ (7.5.6) (32 bit) will sort all lines in a document using Ctrl-Z. If that is used accidentally, how do you undo the sort?

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    "Notepad++ (7.5.6) (32 bit) will sort all lines in a document using Ctrl-Z" No it won't. Ctrl-Z is Undo. You have misconfigured your version of Notepad++ – DavidPostill Apr 18 '18 at 15:02

Sort command, e.g. done via TextFX plugin can be undone normally, I tested it right now.

You have these options:

  • Determine which plugin does the sorting in your case and consider uninstalling it.

  • Or just remove the keyboard shortcut from that sort action using Settings > Shortcut Mapper.

  • Or alter keyboard shortcut for sorting to something less easy to press,
    e.g. change it from Ctrl+Z (which is NOT a default sorting shortcut, btw.) to Ctrl+Shift+Z etc.

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