I'm trying to use the LOOKUP function to fill a "fault type" column based on what the "fault description" is. I'm currently using the formula =LOOKUP(E2, M3:N17) which is returning a value from my look-up table, but it is incorrect. Here is a screenshot of my spreadsheet can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?

For context, I'm using a spreadsheet to record IT helpdesk problems (I know a database would be more efficient, but I'm a student and the exercise requires me to use Excel)


You want to use VLOOKUP rather than LOOKUP. Change your formula to:


and copy it down. The '2' tells Excel to read the second column from your lookup table. The '0' tells Excel to perform an exact match.

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Adding to the answer, you might want to lookup these 2 functions: Index() and Match() because these are faster than vlookup. Just google it

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