I noticed that MS OneNote 2016 displays greek characters differently, but I'm not sure when. image description
Above, the otherwise case is written as \delta(\vartheta_k - \vartheta _(k+1)).
Why is one of the two theta in cursive?

I have written this Q&A to share my own insights, but would be interested if you have more information.


Experimenting shows that it depends on how soon you type the underscore (_).
If you type \vartheta_k, the symbol will be in one style and if you type \vartheta _k (mind the space), the character will be tilted/cursive.

enter image description here

Interestingly enough, this seems not to happen to other characters. I'm unsure whether it's just the greek symbols, but for example the element symbol written with \in does not have this feature.

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