I received an exercise in the course in VMware Workstation at I am doing where I was required to perform the following actions:

  • Set up two Ubuntu Server 16.04 virtual machines: VM1 and VM2

Machine VM1 should do the following:

  • Access a web site where stock exchange stocks are broadcast

  • Download the latest information into a file - CSV/Excel

Every five minutes limitation each machine need to have a unique network segment.

In this case, I picked VM1 ( and the static IP of

VM2 ( and the static IP of

From what I understand the only way the two can talk is put a third machine (which I named Jack - also Ubuntu Server 16.04) and gave Jack two network adapters ( which respond to ping from VM2 and ( which respond to ping from VM1

Can someone help by explaining what steps I need to do in order I can ping from VM2 to Jack network interface 2 and afterwards to VM Of course, the ping needs to return back to VM2.

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