I have a sheet where the data shown is based on combobox selections. The values are calculated using a formula like this:


Q61 is a range in a different sheet: 'Data'!$AO$6:$AO$104000 SUMPRODUCT matches four other criteria based on combobox selections.

The formula should calculate the row in the range and return a value. Is there a way in VBA to determine the address found by that formula. It should be something like 'Data'!$AO$90. I must get the address because I am looking for the hyperlink in that address.

The INDEX formula correctly returns the value in 'Data'!$AO$90. I want to put back the hyperlink.

This is an image of the sheet. Each value is calculated using an INDEX formula as shown above. A few values should have hyperlinks. I must get the original address in the 'Data'! sheet to put them back with VBA whenever the user makes a new selection.

enter image description here

  • You gan get Excel to show you the row_num being used by the INDEX(). Select the cell with the formula, and click on the word INDEX in the formula bar. Click row_num in the dropdown and hit the F9 key. There are illustrations in an answer to this question. – Bandersnatch Apr 22 '18 at 12:23
  • 1
    You can also use `=CELL("address",your_formula). – Bandersnatch Apr 22 '18 at 15:18

From 'Data'!$AO$6:$AO$104000 range , you get the value in 'Data'!$AO$90 . That is how a standard index() functions do.

Since you just need the address of 'Data'!$AO$90 you can get it by bisecting the index() function you use to get it. The idea is.. since index(<range>,<RowNumber>,<ColNumber>), and for this case let sat the is 85. So the "address" you need is

= "'Data'!$AO$"&(<RowNumber>+5)

Have a try, hope that helps. ( :

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