I am reading the output of Windows 10 cmd ipconfig /all.

There is one field which I cannot understand and cannot find it on Google which is. I am living in a dorm and I am connected to its network.

Connection-specific DNS Suffix

What does it mean?


In Windows, this suffix is used to:

  1. be automatically added to any DNS queries that do not specify a domain name. Ex: when you try to access a website by only specifying its hostname, such as www. It will automatically add the suffix domain specified by the DHCP (or GPO) administrator of your network to this query, turning it into the FQDN www.domainsuffixspecified.com.

  2. dynamically register the hostname of your workstation within the local network's DNS servers, turning your device into a 'member' of this network. Example: your computer is named mypc-01, but when it receives a DNS suffix from the DHCP (or, again, via GPO), it will be internally recognized as mypc-01.thedomainsuffixspecified.com.

Hope this helps.

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