I'm looking for following Windows 10 Spotlight Lock-screen Image as a File:

Windows Lock-screen Image

So far i tried:

Any other suggestions where i can look for it?

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    The ones who are interested in the geographic location of this image may search it as "Lake Quill" – Koray Dec 24 '18 at 16:51

I was able to track it down using Google images: https://richardtech.net/2015/07/windows-10-wallpapers/


Other answers in the past have directed people to the SpotBright app from the Windows Store. From there you should be able to download all Spotlight images and quickly scan through them to find this one.

I share your frustration, though - I've looked in my own folder at the path you gave a few times before, and it always seems like new images are appearing and old ones are disappearing.

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