I recently got Kali Linux on my Raspberry Pi 2 model B and I am having a lot of problems with it. The major one is that there are no penetration tools such as msfconsole, metasploit etc. When I typed msfvenom followed by the other instructions I was following from a tutorial, i got an error

-bash: msfvenom: command not found

And similarly for all other tools. What should I do?

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The Raspberry version of Kali come with only the minimum needed to run, as stated here, you need to instal kali-linux-full to have access to all the tools

Ps: Kali is hard, it's not intended as a beginer distrib

  • alright i understood that i would need the kali-linux-full for my Pi, but does it have to be installed after installing the version that I have installed like I saw in a YouTube tutorial or is there an ARM image which i can directly download and burn to the sd card?
    – RishiC
    Apr 28, 2018 at 16:07

To rectify this problem, you may want to either download a full version of the Kali Linux distro onto your Raspberry Pi (choosing the correct ARM-architecture model for your device) or attempt to install the software yourself.

Try to perform an apt-cache search at the terminal for the programs that you wish to install. If they are available in the repository, the set up can be as simple as executing an apt-get install and confirming you want to install it. Another alternative during the installation would be executing a simulated run to ensure there are no missing dependencies or other issues. You can do this utilizing the -s switch.

For example: sudo apt-get install -s [program name]

Granted, this could prove to be complicated overall. If you are new to Linux, then you are best off not utilizing Kali Linux to start. It is a powerful system, albeit a difficult one at times (especially if you have never utilized the tools it includes). I would advise installing a more user-friendly distro such as Linux Mint to start with. However, if compatibility is a problem, then Ubuntu tends to be the friendliest distro with a great package manager to be found in Synaptic.

  • Thank you, but I am not new to Linux. I appreciate your help
    – RishiC
    Apr 28, 2018 at 16:08

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