I have a spreadsheet with a master tab and 4 additional tabs. The master is pulling an average percent of the other 4 tabs. I need a conditional formula to make the cell turn yellow if it is within 1% above or below a goal for the year. The goal is not always 100%, it would be a goal set in another cell. For example 90%. I need the cell to turn yellow if it is 89%. I need the cell to turn red if it is 88% or lower and green if it is 90% or higher. Any advice?

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This is What I presume you want

What you need to do is have overlapping conditional formatting, referencing the value in question. Here's the rules I used for this:

Conditional Formatting Rules

You can move the rules up and down to show priority - with a different order, some of these colors would alter.

I just realized that the whole equations were cut off. Below is the "green" rule: Green rule

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