The Byobu logo is based on the distribution, right? White-on-orange for Ubuntu, red-on-gray @ for Debian, etc.

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However if I try to set $LOGO in $HOME/.byobu/screenrc, it will use the same white-on-gray as the tab bar. Escape codes don't work.

Escape codes being ignored.

How can I set a custom logo with custom colors?

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So Byobu actually includes a "helper function" called "color". You can use this in your $HOME/.byobu/statusrc, and it will get resolved.


LOGO=" $(color g w)Foo$(color -) "

This will print a logo of " Foo ", which is white text on a green background. The first argument to the color function is the background, the second is the foreground text.

You can use 8 colors, or 256 colors. To use 256 colors, do the following:

LOGO="$(color colour200 colour255)foo$(color -)"

And you can see a bunch of examples in /usr/lib/byobu/logo.

Full disclosure: I'm the author and maintainer of Byobu.

  • Thanks for this great software!! I did notice that helper function, but I couldn't make sense of the letters. Where can I find a full list for the 8 colors?
    – Lizzy Av
    May 15, 2018 at 20:29
  • You can see a bunch of examples in /usr/lib/byobu/logo May 16, 2018 at 0:11
  • @DustinKirkland what about the other items? I had to change the hardcoded color values in /usr/lib/byobu/network to get the desired behaviour. Is there any way to do that without touching the lib files?
    – agilesteel
    Oct 22, 2019 at 15:53

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