I setup proxy server 3proxy on my VPS which uses NAT IP4 address but offers IPv6 subnet /64 address I success make 3proxy contact outside world using IPv6 ,

But I face other issue many websites didn't have AAAA/IPv6 record at all which was surprise to me , e/g twitter.com can't be resolved . So is it possible transfer websites IPv4 address to IPv4 so it will be available to the IPv6 proxy users ! Edit I was able to reach IPv4 site temporary by letting the proxy resolve IPv4 if IPv6 not available -64 adding this line 3proxy.cfg.

proxy -64 -n -p66505 -a -i0.0.0.0 -e2a04:f2a7:26:a143:3815:0abf:8723:1000

Looks like 3proxy tries to resolve host address with Ipv6 if it fails tray with current server IPv4 and bring back data to the proxy client (whether he is connection via IPv4 or IPv6) . PS After testing IPv6 only connection looks like only Google/YT/facebook and few other website are supporting IPv6 special that have cloudflare the rest of Internet are dark (reddit/twitter/) with no AAAA host record .


Yes, but that's not enough. Even if you put an IPv4 address in an AAAA record, IPv6-only clients still will not be able to contact it. (They can't talk using IPv6 packets because the IPv4-only destination won't understand them, and they can't talk using IPv4 packets because the IPv6-only source won't understand them.) So this needs to be paired with packet translation on the router.

Most commonly, you'll see NAT64 for the packet translation (from v6-only clients to v4-only services), and DNS64 for the generation of fake AAAA records for those clients. A common NAT64 translator is Tayga (although some ISPs have published their own open-source projects), and several DNS resolvers including Bind9 can do DNS64. Google Public DNS also has special servers which perform DNS64.

But, of course, the NAT64 gateway itself must be able to use IPv4. If your current server cannot access the IPv4 Internet, well, that means it cannot.

  • No my server can access to IPv4 Internet , but my home connection have only IPv4 , I was thinking using kinda initial tunnel/proxy from my server IPv4 that masked the main IPv6 proxy which is uses IPv6 only . Last I guess 3proxy server offer this feature . – Salem F Apr 25 '18 at 7:22
  • BTW the issue solve from 3proxy looks like its support 6to4 tunnel which is amazing for a small proxy server , , thanks for the informative help – Salem F Apr 25 '18 at 8:42

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