I installed Google Chrome on MacBook Pro. But when I try to type something in the "Search" field but instead my text goes up into the address bar.

I find it difficult to do searches in the address bar. I like to type keywords in a "Search" field in the center, like I did with regular Google, Yahoo, Aol and other browsers.

Is there a way to adjust this?

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Are you in google.com or the New Tab page? In the New Tab page, it will always default to typing in the omni-bar (and there is no way you can change that), however in google.com, it will type in the search box instead of the omni-bar. Currently, you cannot change the page that comes up when opening a new tab natively, but you can download extensions that will do this for you. Here is an extension that does that, with that extension you can set the redirect page to "https://www.google.com".

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