I've tried removing the ribbon bar according to this guide, using Winaero's Remove Ribbon tool. Instead of just removing it, it replaces the ribbon with the command bar, containing tools that I either have no use for or that I can access by right clicking inside the folder. Google gives me no answers so I come to you.

How can I remove the ribbon in Windows 10 without replacing it with the command bar, or anything else for that matter?

  • You would have to replace File Explorer all together or use some other third-party software that changes the behavior of File Explorer. I suggest getting use to be designed it will be around for awhile. You can also use a legacy version of Windows
    – Ramhound
    Apr 26 '18 at 9:12
  • Classic shell (classicshell.net) has this. It is a program that can turn your windows startmenu into one that appeared in windows xp or 7, but they also have a program that can turn the explorer into one that looked from xp or 7.
    – LPChip
    Apr 26 '18 at 9:32

You can use OldNewExplorer to add Command Bar, and then you can follow this guide:


and replace FolderBandStyle in the OldNewExplorer's UIFILEs: OldNewExplorer32.dll and OldNewExplorer64.dll:

Using the ResourceHacker, find the lines:

<style resid="FolderBandStyle">


<style resid="CPLFolderBandStyle">

after them put:

<Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-44rp)"/>

Compile & save. and then "Install" in OldNewExplorer.

Here screenshot of what it will become:

enter image description here

I can confirm that it works on W10-1909-18363.535.


To remove the Ribbon you can use the tools Riddon Disabler or OldNewExplorer.
Then to hide the command bar you need to edit shellstyle.dll of your theme.
Here is an how to.

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