I have the following formula in A2 of my worksheet:

=SUMPRODUCT((SUMIF('[Master.xlsx]CompositeAssets'!$C:$C,$W$2,'[Master.xlsx]Composite Assets'!L:L)*(SUMIF('[Master.xlsx]CompositeAssets'!$C:$C,$W$1,'[Master.xlsx]Composite Assets'!L:L))))

The only issue is that when I drag down the formula, I need it to reference the next column over in the master spreadsheet. For example, I would need A3 of my sheet to have:

=SUMPRODUCT((SUMIF('[Master.xlsx]CompositeAssets'!$C:$C,$W$2,'[Master.xlsx]Composite Assets'!**M:M)***(SUMIF('[Master.xlsx]CompositeAssets'!$C:$C,$W$1,'[Master.xlsx]Composite Assets'!**M:M**))))

Thanks SO much in advance!!!

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