Keep getting syntax error or missing ')' error. Just want to copy from one workbook to the other. Can you do a range with this formula ("A27:DE10000")? or do I need to do the dim, etc. type of formula?

Sub CopyData()


End Sub

The syntax error can be caused by a missing line continuation character (" _")

Your Sub contains 2 distinct lines (separated by carriage return?), when they should be on 1 line

And possibly, quotation marks: “ANALYSIS” vs "ANALYSIS"


There are different ways (and syntax) for Copy / Paste methods:

1. - On the same line:

Sheet1.Range("A1").Copy Destination:=Sheet2.Range("A1")


Sheet1.Range("A1").Copy Sheet2.Range("A1")     'Without using the named parameter

2. - On two separate lines - Worksheet.Paste (not a Range method):

Sheet2.Paste Destination:=Sheet2.Range("A1")      '.Paste method belongs to Worksheet

3. - On two separate lines - Range.PasteSpecial:

Sheet2.Range("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll '.PasteSpecial belongs to a Range Object


Your syntax is using version 1

To fix the error, and still be able to see both lines on the screen, without scrolling horizontally:

Option Explicit

Public Sub CopyData()

    Workbooks("COPYFROM.xlsx").Worksheets("ANALYSIS").Range("A27:DE10000").Copy _

End Sub


Public Sub CopyData()

    Dim wsSource As Worksheet
    Dim wsTarget As Worksheet

    Set wsSource = Workbooks("COPYFROM.xlsx").Worksheets("ANALYSIS")
    Set wsTarget = Workbooks("COPYTO.xlsx").Worksheets("ANALYSIS")

    wsSource.Range("A27:DE10000").Copy Destination:=wsTarget.Range("A27:DE10000")

End Sub

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