My Itunes library is on an external drive (L:\itl) while actual music files are on a different folder of the same drive (L:\music).

I tried to copy the ITL and music folder on my NAS (Mapped as network drive N so they now reside in N:\Itl and N:\Music).

When I start iTunes without the external drive it asks for a library location and I point to the .itl file on N drive.

Itunes starts, I see the songs, playlists and so on but when I try to play something it says that file could not be located.

I tried to change edit\preferences and in the advanced tab I set the new location of music files (N:\music) but I still have the file could not be located error.

How can I properly setup the library from NAS? I do not want to enable "Keep media organized" because I want to keep my folders organised in a different way. Moreover I need to keep added, last played and so on because my smart playlists are heavily based on these data.

It seems that on MAC this operation is very easy but I use Windows 10.

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