I have this formula:

=IF(Sheet1!C2="x", Sheet1!B2,"")

Its function is to match if the cell from Sheet1 in column C is the same as the character x; if true then get the value of Sheet1 in column B and if false leave it blank.

Here's the sample data of Sheet1:

And here's the result using the formula:

But what I wanted is:

The blank cell happens because

=IF(Sheet1!C2="x", Sheet1!B2,"what to replace here to not to add a blank cell")

I think you want to retrieve all the samples from Sheet1 associated with an "x" without any intermediate blanks. So if Sheet1 is like:

enter image description here

In Sheet2, cell A1 enter the array formula:


and copy downward.

enter image description here

Array formulas must be entered with Ctrl + Shift + Enter rather than just the Enter key.If this is done correctly, the formula will appear with curly braces around it in the Formula Bar.

If you are willing to add a "helper" column to either Sheet1 or Sheet2, the ugly array formula can be greatly simplified.

  • Exactly what I wanted, even though the formula is complicated. – KrixMux Deadpool Apr 30 '18 at 3:28

If you don't want blank cells, when the condition returns False, in this case you can replace blank cells with any meaningful text.

You may rewrite your formula like this:

=IF(Sheet1!C2="x", Sheet1!B2,"Doesn't Match")

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