I am running a guest macos High Sierra as virtual OS in Virtualbox. To access the guest from host (also High Sierra) I can use :

  1. Virtualbox gui
  2. macos built in screen sharing with vnc://path/to/guest/OS
  3. Realvnc

Screen sharing is enabled in guest, as it is necessary for 2 & 3 access. 1 & 2 have awaited AZERTY layout as configured in host and guest.

But 3 has QWERTY layout, that's the problem.

Nonetheless 3 has awaited AZERTY layout when connecting to raspberry configured with AZERTY layout...

2 & 3 are suitable to have copy/paste feature not available in Virtualbox for macos systems, but I would like to access the guest macos from other host OSes without the macos vnc built in function, so 2 is not an option.

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    The issue is a bug in screen sharing server (the remote end) rather than RealVNC's viewer. As you can see when connecting to your raspberry pi (which I assume is a RealVNC server) the key pressed on the viewer is correctly interpreted on the server. – srk Apr 30 '18 at 8:32

It's a problem with the Mac VNC server, which is well explained here.

The workaround is to switch either the client or the server (not both) to the English US layout. Still, some keys remain indeed problematic.

See also my answer here.

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uninstall realvnc and use anydesk or teamviewer. I tried tightvnc, realnvnc - always the same problem, the keyboard layout will change. On the MAC OS X you are able to add a 2nd keyboard "US internatinal PC", but in this time you have to change the keyboard (real/tight vnc = us international, mac os vnc your language). In the latest by entering a password you will be killed.

Its late, but I was looking for a solution too.

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