Recently, for seemingly no reason, I've been getting the same issue as this thread:

bash how to remove "__bp_precmd_invoke_cmd" error?

However it only happens when I enter a screen session. Issuing unset PROMPT_COMMAND at the cli makes the problem go away for that screen session without any issue.

I added this then to my .screenrc, however the issue persists. What else am I missing?

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From: https://www.gnu.org/software/screen/manual/screen.html

Add unsetenv PROMPT_COMMAND . to your .screenrc file.


The error is likely from https://github.com/rcaloras/bash-preexec which is included in the shell integration for the MacOS terminal emulator https://www.iterm2.com/ . The above solution works of unsetting PROMPT_COMMAND works; a better solution is to identify which shell script is causing the problem. If it is iTerm2, simply stop .bash{,_profile} sourcing the iterm integration.

Maybe an iTerm2 shell integration bug? It should check better whether iterm2 is the parent terminal, or give up if it is a terminal multiplexer such as tmux or screen. Personally, I found the iterm2 integration added complexity and confusion like this, and didn't make my life easier.

You may wish to only source the iterm2 integration if not in a multiplexer, and when iterm2 is not a parent terminal. Left as exercise for reader, or iTerm2 developers.

  • Ah this could be it, I am indeed using iTerm2. I have been using it (and shell integration) for longer than I think this error has been occurring but perhaps it's a recent update that's done it. I'll experiment and report back!
    – Joe Healey
    Dec 8, 2019 at 21:50

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