My understanding is the latest stable release of Chrome is 66.0.3359 with PATCH 139 (e.g. 66.0.3359.139).

Question 1

Is it possible to download the equivalent Chromium version of this PATCH on the Chromium nightly snapshots index?

For example, I see about 40 builds of 3359 (540045-540438) in chromium-browser-snapshots/Win_x64/chrome-win32.zip, all with the same manifest 66.0.3359.0.manifest.

Question 2

Does the increase in number (540045-540438) represent a newer PATCH or are they just different builds of the same BUILD 3359, PATCH 0?

I'm aware of this site where you can download stable builds of Chromium with the 139 patch, but where does he get the patch for building 3359 with patch 139?


I also found this, which sheds a little light.

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Answer to Question 1:

Snaphosts are development versions of Chromium. You cannot find a stable version there.

Answer to Question 2:

Please, read the official doc. In short, "PATCH 0" is only for development version.

The site you mentioned (I am its admin) has stable builds of Chromium because developers recompile Chromium based on the stable version. How? All is simply explained here.

OmahaProxy CSV Viewer is the official overview of different development steps of Google Chrome and Chrome OS (Chromium Dev, Google Canary, Google Beta, Google Chrome...), on each platform.

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