When I had just accessed a website of my company, I noticed some suspicious activity was taking place on my computer. Some examples: (1) according to the event logs Windows' Updates had been disabled, (2) according to the event logs a service to discover Bluetooth-devices was started manually, (3) in the Windows Services manager, I noticed a service to deploy applications was started manually. This service should be disabled by default according to the information I found. To access this website I had to open the username and password of the Windows domain. Everything I entered was inside the browser. I didn't get any pop-ups I could recognize as Windows-related (I would suspect them to look like those gray boxes you get when Windows asks administrator privileges). However, I did enter them in a Edge related pop-up. Because of this, I trusted my login to be confined to the browser. It all happened at a time I was planning to leave the company because of a lack of trust. I don't want my company to be able to access my computer. I am afraid they might want to misuse it. Could anybody diagnose what could possibly have happened and if worrisome, what I should do?

I noticed this is on Windows 10 computer with a Microsoft Edge browser. Since then I checked other computers I accessed this site with: a Windows 10 computer on which I use Chrome browser and an Ubuntu computer on which I use Firefox and Chrome (I don't remember which one I used to access the website). Could they be affected?

  • A machine cannot be joined to a domain by simply browsing a website. Additionally, Ubuntu, cannot join an Active Directory domain directly. – Ramhound May 4 '18 at 13:55

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