I'm using Windows 10 1803 and having a laptop with 1080p resolution with a recommended zoom of 150% (since 100% looks too small on a 13.3" screen). When I'm at work I have 2 monitors which are connected to it and my desktop icons are organized in a certain way.

When I disconnect my monitors and use the laptop's monitor the icons doesn't keep organized like I had them before connecting the monitors.

Is it possible to have 2 sets of desktop icons organization?


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    DesktopOK works for me. – Damon May 4 '18 at 17:08
  • Thanks.So I assume there isn't anything built in the windows itself, right? – Tamir Gilany May 4 '18 at 18:29

Ok, so apparently windows 10 already take care of that and remember the positions of my icons.

Currently running Windows 10 Version 1803.

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