So I have this weird situation that on my laptop running Windows 10 (Home) I...

  • need to use Windows' feature to fetch a DNS server automatically (which uses the DHCP suggested DNS?) on certain networks
  • while I still want to use and / or as my "regular" DNS servers if available.

Now you can only tell Windows using the normal IPv4 properties that you either want the auto-fetch or you can specify two fixed IP adresses, but as I don't know the dynamic ones in advance so I can't specify the automatic one as secondary to

So are there any ways to tell Windows to fall-back to the DHCP provided DNS server if the static ones are not reachable?

Also in theory I could switch these every time I connect to networks that require that, but that's always a PITA to remember and then do the neccessary changes every time before connecting to and after disconnecting from these networks.

More background: The network forcing me to use the DHCP provided DNS is a public network which won't display me the captive portal required to gain internet access if I have and configured as static DNS servers.

  • and both resolves as long as you have internet access... so you shouldn't need to change DNS entry... unless you have very specific need to get the DHCP-advertised DNS server? – Darius May 7 '18 at 5:30
  • @Darius I want to / need to connect to a specific network that won't show me the captive portal if / are specificed but only if the DHCP provided DNS is used. (ie I had / specified and it only started working once I made Windows switch to the DHCP provided server) – SEJPM May 7 '18 at 5:37

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