It's common for security video footage to be exported as .dav and this proprietary is useless for most people!

How can you remux it to mkv/mp4 without quality loss?


To convert/remux lossless to mkv/mp4 you need a bunch of programs and follow some steps.

Software needed:

Then follow those steps:

  1. Use Intelbras Media Player to export the file as .avi
  2. Use mkvtoolnix to remux .avi to .mkv or use XMedia Recode with copy for .mp4

OBS: Intelbras is a Brazilian company and provides a free proprietary .dav software to export it as .avi files.

I find it to be more trustworthy than the random software you usually find on google when searching for this. They remux to .avi without quality loss. The software is available as english too.

The download button is next to the exe icon if you can't read portuguese (or use Google translate)

If people need more help with the GUI let me know and I'll update this. I did this because I thought google results for this search were too bad and wanted to share my knowledge.

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