I have ES File Explorer running on my OnePlus ONE and have setup the FTP server on it. I am trying to access files on my phone from my PC, not the other way around.
No, manually transferring files one at a time from the phone TO the PC won't work, that's the issue I'm trying to solve with this program. Yes, my USB file transfer is broken. Thanks for asking. Yes, I've tried other cables/ports/drivers.


  • I cannot ping it from my PC, nor can I ping the PC from the phone.
  • Both PC and Phone can see the router's browser splash page
  • Going to the phone's "IP address:FTP Port" on the phone's browser shows me the FTP page (so I'm pretty sure the service IS running)
  • Both PC and Phone are in the same IP Address group thing (IE: PC= and Phone= There are no IP conflicts on the network.
  • Yes, I have gone into the PC's firewall and tried manually opening the custom FTP port for file explorer, for both incoming and outgoing.
  • [EDIT] I'm not trying to do this as a one-time file transfer, but as part of my regular workflow for moving thing to-from my phone from the PC, so solutions like connect the PC to the phone as an ad-hoc network... etc. aren't much better than my current solution of PC file > USB stick > USB OTG adapter> Phone.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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    How about using the device's mobile hotspot as source of connection to PC direct, you can still setup an ftp server with the IP range: 192.168.43.XX Im sure its easy to bypass gateway issues with the current setup – xavier_fakerat May 8 '18 at 18:12

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