If I select and copy part of the table and then select another part of the same size, then I get nested table

enter image description here

How to avoid this? I want cells to paste 1:1!

  • What options do you get if you press the <Ctrl> key after pasting? Are any of them to paste as values/rows rather than nested? – Mokubai May 9 '18 at 16:49

I have the same problem. My workaround is to copy and past into Word. Then paste the cells in the appropriate cells. OneNote is quite table friendly but I find it more efficient to manipulate tables in Word or Excel.


So a couple of caveats:

  1. This will only work in the OneNote desktop app (will not work in O365/webapp).
  2. The amount of column cells from source must match the amount of column cells that exist in the destination.

With that said, if you're wanting to only copy a few cells out of the total, and both the source and destination tables have the same amount of columns, just copy all data from said columns and delete whichever cells of data are not necessary in the destination table. The data can be pasted either right below the table (and it will append itself to the bottom of the table) or in the first column of an empty row. At least in OneNote, you can click-drag vertically without it grabbing the entire row below/above so it doesn't generate a ton of clean-up work for you.

Apologies that this isn't a straight-forward approach, but it seems to be the only one that exists at the moment.


I have realised that this goes awry when the source and destination tables don't have the exact same number of columns. Thus I just copied the appropriate number of cells from the source table and pasting it works.

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    doesn't work for me one note 2016 - onenote is both great and sucks at the same time – Mikey Mar 21 at 7:28

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