I am trying to do the Text to clumns command for columns where the cells look like this:

10000010011> 10101010101>01100111000> 101101010110

> is used to split the data into 4 columns.

Some data like for example this 000011001110 changes (all the first zeros are cut) turning it into this 11001110.

Formatting as a text makes some data (011111110111000) look like this: 1,11111E+13.

Does anyone have a idea? I tried a lot of different formats.

I don't want to put a apostrophe in front of every input.

  • @MátéJuhász that would be same as adding ' before every number. – Sandeep May 10 '18 at 8:39
  • @Sandeep you should try this out for yourself before making a comment – PeterH May 10 '18 at 8:42
  • I tried this but the problem is I have to do the command Text to Columns and then formatting as a text makes some data (011111110111000) look like this: 1,11111E+13. – Ads5 May 10 '18 at 8:44
  • 1
    @Sandeep: "that would be same as adding ' before every number." - output might be similar yes, however if you need to enter many numbers, than it's a big difference whether you need to type 100 entries manually adding ' OR you just set all number formats at once than paste all the values at the same time – Máté Juhász May 10 '18 at 8:54
  • 1
    @MátéJuhász Thanks that was the solution! Selecting all. I didn't know that that was for selecting specific colums :) – Ads5 May 10 '18 at 9:10

Setting data type during "text to columns" works for me:

enter image description here

Note: You can set data column differently for columns, make sure to select all and set "text" for all of them.

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