I'd like to take a Confluence page as a starting point, and give it the ability to mark specific tasks with a complete or incomplete status (essentially a checkbox, or boolean toggle), but in a user-specific way. Based on documentation and empirical testing, the existing Task feature of Confluence is global across all users, so a given task's status can only be set globally, i.e. in a single place independent of any user. But I'd like a solution that lets each user set a task's status, separately from other users. Is this possible?

This question is motivated by a use case such as an onboarding checklist or other common task list, which every user may need to complete, often exactly once.

If there is a good explanation as to why this cannot be done, that may be a satisfactory answer. Or if it can be done with an extension, that would be satisfactory. If it is possible without an extension, that would be preferable. In general, I think the simpler the better.

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