I'm using ffmpeg in order to convert MPEG-TS stream to MPEG-DASH. The mpeg-ts is h264 and aac_latm. Therefore I don't need to reencode the video. The command I use:

ffmpeg -i -strict -2 -c:v copy -window_size 10 -extra_window_size 10 -use_template 1 -use_timeline 1 -f dash kan.mpd

I'm copying the video codec by using -c:v copy and the audio codec is default to aac.

That way I get DASH stream BUT the audio/video is out of sync!

How can I fix it?


  1. If I reencode both audio and video like:

    ffmpeg -i -strict -2 -window_size 10 -extra_window_size 10 -use_template 1 -use_timeline 1 -f dash kan.mpd

Then the audio/video is synced perfectly. But I do not want to reencode the video for nothing as I mentioned the video is already h264. (directly impact to performance)

  1. If I convert the MPEG-TS stream to mp4 file like:

    ffmpeg -i -strict -2 -c:v copy kan.mp4

Then the audio/video is synced perfectly.

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