I am running Fedora 28 and am attempting to disable the user list in GDM (as the machine is domain joined, this is undesirable). In CentOS 7 this is as simple as putting a file named "00-login-screen" in "/etc/dconf/db/gdm.d/" with the contents:


In this case, there is no "gdm.d" directory. Creating it, and then putting the file in the directory does not work. I've seen elsewhere that a file needs to be created in "/etc/dconf/profile" called "gdm", but I have created this file with the contents:


and it makes no difference.

Has the procedure changed that substantially in Gnome 3.28.2 compared to 3.22.2?

EDIT: This problem now occurs in CentOS 7 as well, likely due to a Gnome update.

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Navigate to /usr/share/gdm/dconf , where you'll find a file called 00-upstream-settings ; Make a copy of it and give it a higher numbered prefix (e.g. from 00 to 90). The settings are pretty self-explanatory.

If I'm not mistaken, it could be that the name of the corresponding setting has changed in the meantime, but adding disable-user-list and setting it to false should work anyway. Don't forget to run dconf update from your terminal to make the changes take effect.


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  • The directory /usr/share/gdm/dconf also does not exist. The only directories I have in the /usr/share/gdm directory is: autostart,greeter, and env.d. 00-upstream-settings only exists in the directory /etc/dconf/db/ibus.d/. – thunderbird32 May 17 '18 at 19:50
  • @thunderbird32 I'm sorry, I've just realized that we have different Gnome versions (I have 3.28.1-1) so on my machine it worked ... Some time ago I had some problems logging in with 'light-dm', after which I switched to 'gdm'. In the worst case, another login manager maybe could also be an option ;-) good luck – Joey May 17 '18 at 21:52
su -
mkdir /etc/dconf/db/gdm.d && chmod 0755 /etc/dconf/db/gdm.d
cat > /etc/dconf/db/gdm.d/00-login-screen <<EOF
touch /etc/dconf/db/gdm && chmod 0644 /etc/dconf/db/gdm
dconf update
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  • Welcome to Super User! Although this may help to solve the problem, it doesn't explain why and/or how it addresses the issue. Providing this additional context would significantly improve its long-term educational value. Please edit your answer to add explanation, including what limitations and assumptions apply. Thanks. – fixer1234 Dec 28 '18 at 22:23
  • This does not fix the issue either, and in fact the only difference in this from what I did, is creating a blank /etc/dconf/db/gdm. It current versions this file already exists, so this isn't particularly helpful. – thunderbird32 Jan 4 '19 at 14:33

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