Yesterday I turned on Windows 10 File History and configured to use a 512GB USB hard drive for the backups. It is set to back up hourly and keep backups "forever."

However, although I have over 170GB of files to back up, so far it has backed up only about 6.7GB. I have clicked the "Backup now" button several times to try to force it to back up everything, but that makes no difference.

Most of my files are in my local OneDrive folder. However, when I click on "Restore personal files" and browse the file history, there is only one video file in the file history for the OneDrive folder.

The only Event Log event for File History is about a one "in use" file. There are no other errors.

Any explanations or ideas for troubleshooting?

  • You are better to use a third party backup solution. – Moab May 18 '18 at 15:19

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