I have an iPod with 100G of music. Then I open iTunes on my Mac, and I can use coverflow for some music files that are on the Mac, where the iTunes library resides. But I can not see coverflow from iTunes, when I click on my iPod, and I have covers for almost all of the albums.

How can I use coverflow on iTunes on the Mac but browsing songs that are on my (connected) iPod



Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be possible, certainly it's not available on iTunes 9.2.x on Windows 7/XP, though I'm still unsure why. I'd hazard a guess that it's something to with the iPod having to communicate via USB, which would probably slow things down uncomfortably. But this is, of course, simply a guess.

For what it's worth Apple does offer the option of submitting an 'enhancement request':

  1. http://www.apple.com/feedback,
  2. Select the relevant area (iTunes, under 'Software'),
  3. Enter the relevant details, selcting 'enhancement request' under the 'feedback type.'

...I'd suggest a possible fourth step of 'not holding your breath,' but that's perhaps my own pessimism coming to the fore, and isn't intended as a comment on Apple specifically. =/

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