I cant to delete cell with the if function. The my homework a must have the if function to do delete cell. Help me, please!. example: =IF( cell F5="trongthuycanh" then delete cell F5,uchange);

what's wrong in the function.

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A straight forward initial note: formulas cannot actually DELETE cell content.

Formulas may refrain from displaying a value though. Example: having F5 contain this formula:

=IF(E5="Not valid";"";"Text or formula to show or use when valid")

... where E5 set to Not valid would show F5 as empty - or alternatively:


Which would display 0 instead of #DIV/0! for a zero in E5

Take note that cell content (formula, text, date, numbers, ...) is always present in a cell, and will not change by any other means than by scripting (VBA, Python, ...) or your typing.

At the same time you may DISPLAY the content in a formatted way (tip: hold CTRL and hit 1 and look around), so that e.g. numbers have a specific number of decimals, or dates display only as year and month or a year and week number.

Note: above you see ; used as separator between function arguments, you might have to use , - this depends on your locale settings (Language and Country).

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