I don't know if this is possible, but let me outline this real quick. I'm on a domain where our normal users have domain credentials with network access to drives and such. My admin user has ONLY domain credentials but no network access. I can remote into computers with my admin account, but it's not possible to leverage scripts that call to a network drive unless I use my normal creds.

I'm using PSEXEC to cmd another machine to run batch files from time to time. We have a file that calls out to a network drive and copies the files to that computer. Problem is that I have to use my admin creds to PSEXEC into the computer so when I'm at cmd, I'm in my elevated user and not the network user.

I've tried running runas /user:, but then it prompts me for my password and PSEXEC just skips it and goes straight back to the command line, it won't let me put in my password.

Any thoughts?

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