I'm trying to specify proxy related settings while starting WinSCP GUI from cmd. I've used following command WinSCP.exe ftp://USER:PASS@HOST /log=H:winscptest.log /rawsettings ProxyHost=PROXYHOST (I would like to specify also password this way) and setting log file works perfectly fine but in this log file I can see Proxy: None and this is causing Connection failed

Any example of battle proven command properly setting proxy configuration variables will be much welcomed.

In fact I will also be happy of any way of starting WinSCP GUI after providing proxy user and password as well as ftp user and password programmatically ( having as input for the powershell/batch program those values in plain text )

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You have to set ProxyMethod according to your proxy type (HTTP/SOCKS/...). Without that, ProxyHost has not effect.

An example for HTTP proxy:

WinSCP.exe ftp://USER:PASS@HOST/ /rawsettings ProxyMethod=3 ProxyHost=PROXYHOST /log=...

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