I have a MS Word 2007 document with some fairly lengthy comment balloons and have adjusted the preferred width of the balloons to 4" (after consulting this question). The section margins are 1" (L/R) and .3" (T/B). This works well, and none of the comment text gets relegated to the end of the document this way.

However, attempts to print result in a return to the default balloon width, which sends much of the text to the end of the document. Is it possible to print a wider comment pane?


This is a bit of a hack, but if the goal is simply to have a printed document with the margins and balloon sizes mentioned in the question, then in MS Word 2007:

  1. Ensure that Tracking > Final Showing Markup is selected.
  2. From the Windows drop-down menu in the upper left, select Send > Email as PDF attachment.

This should produce a PDF that has the desired comment pane size and margins, although it may be scaled down somewhat.

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