When I add a new cell in a defined range, it gets added to the formula, but when i add it at the end it does not get added as it is now outside of the range.

see example in link

so when I add a cell In e.g F8 the whole range automatically expands the range. but if I add a cell above F17 it is outside of the defined range and it does not get included in the count.
any thoughts on how no matter how many cells I add it will automatically get counted?


You may use table feature of Excel. Define your range (B2:K16) as a table by clicking Insert > Table menu. After converting your into a table rewrite your formulas, while selecting range (e.g. F3:F16), you will see it is defined as Table[25-May]. From that point, you can add as many rows as you need to that table. The colmunn reference remains same but its size gets increased.

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