When connecting to sftp by sftp user@serveripaddress, I checked file list by ls, but this shows nothing in remote directory, also tried cd but no other paths I can move to.

I tried lls, this shows directory for my project.

tried to add directory in remote by, mkdir test but gives me error:

Couldn't create directory: Permission denied

I have file found in local directory in /backups/mall/20180524_mallproducts.csv

So now I'm trying to test upload file to remote directory by command, put backups/client/mall/20180522150444_mallproduct.csv /

this give me result of:

Uploading backups/client/mall/20180522150444_mallproduct.csv to /20180522150444_mallproduct.csv

remote open("/20180522150444_mallproduct.csv"): Permission denied

so I use chmod, but this gives me error, because remote directory is empty(no files or folders):

Couldn't setstat on "/": Permission denied

What could possibly be wrong? how can I change permission in sftp?

In docker-compose.yml, this is my setting for sftp,

    image: atmoz/sftp
    restart: always
        - ./data/sftp:/home/foo/upload
        - "2222:22"
    command: sftp:pass:48

I was expecting folder home when accessing SFTP, but directory is empty.

At first I was accessing sudo docker-compose exec sftp bash, It has /home/foo/upload directory to it.

But then I access by sftp user@serveripaddress, that is where I found out my code is trying to upload here.

This is the code for uploading via sftp:


namespace Mall\Infra\Transfer;

use phpseclib\Net\SFTP;

class SftpPutTransfer

     * @var File $name
    public function put(string $remote, string $local)
        $sftp = new SFTP('user', 22);
        if (!$sftp->login('user', 'pass')) {
        } else {
            $sftp->put($remote, $local, SFTP::SOURCE_LOCAL_FILE);

I'm confused on what SFTP to connect and test.


According https://github.com/atmoz/sftp documentation, you must create at least one subdirectory and use it from there.

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