It seems to me that it is not possible for a 'table' (meaning excel's table tool) column heading to be equal to a named range. Take the below example. My table is in cells B3:D6 (i.e. I put that data in those cells, then went Insert > Table > 'My table has headings'.

In cell F4 I have a named range 'name_person', who's value is 'Person'.

enter image description here

If I now try to set cell B3 as '=name_person', it just returns '0'. Does anyone know if it is possible to set the table column name to a named range?

enter image description here

Thanks! Alyssa


In Excel, as far as I am aware, you cannot have formulas as a table header.

You can only have static text as a header. You can see this if you first set up just data, using your named range reference, then convert to a table:

enter image description here

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