I have a String like this separated by the commas:

id, payment_request_id, user_id, market_id, exchange_id, type_id, nominal, ask_price, original_rate, min_execution, from_date, to_date, state, pause_no_credit, activated_at, shadow_order_id, executable_nominal, ioc_order_id, easy_order, limit_left

I would like to delete the commas and turn that into a row so I can paste in the top of this data file:

enter image description here

This will be very helpful as I have quite a few files. These data came from MySQL DB as CSV format and I turned them into Excel with a hope I can better analysis them.

  • Your question and Screen shot conflicts each other. please be specific. What I'm understanding that you want comma separated values into Rows. Like ID, user_id are initially in cell, you want to place ID in one row and user_id on different, like A1 & A2 , am I correct? Please confirm. or simply you need to place them in columns ! – Rajesh S May 25 '18 at 9:41
  • Sorry I’m one row that is formed with Columns. The value inside the column cells needs to be the values separated by commas. – Arefe May 25 '18 at 9:44
  • This is solve now ... see the answer – Arefe May 25 '18 at 9:44
  • The below shown answer shows you need to place them in Columns ! Nice, Keep asking. – Rajesh S May 25 '18 at 9:53

I find out the way to do this. It can be easily achievable with the data -> text to column option in the Excel.

enter image description here

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