I look for a solution to set a filter in Outlook's Folder Sent Items to see all not answered emails from my colleagues.


I send out 100 emails.
Some of the mails have one To person,
some have several To persons and
some have several Cc persons.

Only 30 emails send an answer back. 70 mails without reply

Task - I want to set a filter in Folder Sent Items to see (only) the 70 not answered emails very easy.
On top - in red color with conditional formating (which in not mandatory)

I used

All 3 solutions worked - unfortunately not as expected.

When I send the mail to several To-persons and one of them answered
then some of them are listed and some of them are not listed.

Also some of them answered already and the mail are listed too in the filter unfortunately.
I have no idea why the behavior is different.

When the feature works then it is very easy to send a reminder.

Thanks in advance for your support

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