Yesterday my external HDD and Time Machine started acting strangely, and I hope you can help me with this. When trying to make a backup, at first my external HDD took a very long time to clean up old backups. In the end Time Machine told me there was no room for new backups after all. Then, when I tried to remove the external disk this also took a long time, and since no backup was made I decided to unplug it after ~15 minutes.

When I tried again today, I noticed several things:

  • Time Machine gave me a different message: 'an error has occurred while creating the backup directory.'
  • There is a file with a name that ends in '.inProgress' in my ext-HDD > Backups.backupdb > MyMacbookPro folder. I cannot do anything with this file (e.g. erase or rename it.)
  • When I tell Time Machine to create a backup, I get these two messages in my console:

    Error: (22) setxattr for path:/Volumes/Time Machine/Backups.backupdb/MacBook Pro van Fabian size:37
    Backup failed with error 2: 2

Could someone tell me what I can do to make my backup drive usable again?

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