I am learning ImageMagick. This error occurs when I run a code copied from https://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/draw

convert: non-conforming drawing primitive definition `n25'


 dengjiangzhou@dengjiangzhou  ~/Downloads/z  points="10,10 30,90   25,10 50,50   50,50 80,50   70,10 90,40"
  clines=`echo "$points" | sed 's/   /\n/g' |\
             while read line; do echo "line $line"; done`
  symbols=`echo path "'"; for point in $points; do
             echo "M $point   l -2,-2 +4,+4 -2,-2   l -2,+2 +4,-4 -2,+2"
           done;  echo "'"`
  convert -size 100x100 xc:skyblue -fill none \
          -draw "stroke gray $clines    stroke blue $symbols " \
          -draw "stroke red  bezier 10,10 30,90   25,10 50,50 " \
          -draw "stroke red  bezier 50,50 80,50   70,10 90,40 " \
convert: non-conforming drawing primitive definition `n25' @ error/draw.c/DrawImage/3282.

The website code I've copied: enter image description here

My code:
enter image description here

What am I missing?

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