Is there any way to customize web-page HTML/CSS and saving it? For example, if I go to Developer Tools (Inspect Element) on Chrome and change page CSS styles (making some to be hidden), it would show me those changes, but after refresh of the page it would go to the default state.

Not sure if this is even possible but maybe someone will know?

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Yes it is possible to customize Webpages in HTML and CSS and JS if you have saved the pages locally in your computer and made changes using any text editing tool like notepad and then running the html and css file in your local computer or if you want to reflect the changes in website then you need to run that html and css using server side JS for example with the help of node.js. I think that the problem you are facing is due to the reason that you are making changes temporarily in CSS and HTML file in your client computer which could not be reflected in the remote computer running the html and css of it. If you want more clarification please respond me I will try to explain in detail.


I have no idea if there's a tool that can track your changes and save them for next time, but your can use a User scripts extension to your browser and create a script that will alter the page you want.

You can alter the CSS/HTML inject JS etc. You can set rules on which site/page the script will run, and at which point of the loading process of the web page.

The two most popular user script managers I know are:

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