On my Win10 desktop system I have a symbolic link between a flightsim program (XP11) on a dedicated drive, to massive scenery data files (tiles) on a different (larger) dedicated drive. The program I am attempting to install (W.E.D open-source WorldEditor) contains a verification routine that prevents it from installing. It rejects the root path as 'invalid'although I know for a fact that it contain the subfolders the installer is looking for. Yet, installer is confused by the link. I am one of several experiencing this problem. Might a junction be more friendly?? Or perhaps another solution. I have drawn a blank on the X-Plane forums, apart from some technobabble designed I suspect to impress rather than to elucidate :-)

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    I would try a junction instead. mklink /j – cybernard Jun 5 '18 at 11:44

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