I can ssh to a a server (on a private network, via VPN connection), that has Apache installed on. Internal ip for this server is Web framework on this server can connect to MySQL server on Also I can connect to MySQL server, on a client app via SSH Tunnel, considering that I only have access to Apache server ( I can dump db when I connect to MySQL on the client app.

Connect to MySQL server

Now, how can I ssh to Apache server, and use mysqldump on MySQL server to dump the db and save in on Apache server?

$apache_server> mysqldump -h -uopencart -p opencart_db > ~/opencart_db.sql | gzip -c > db.zip
    -bash: mysqldump: command not found

If MySQL Client App can do this, I have to be able too? But How?


You can install mysql-client through your package manager on the Apache server. This will install mysqldump and allow you to dump directly on the Apache server using the command you listed.

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