I currently map a drive letter in Windows 10 to an Azure Files account using the provided http/SMB3 connection mapping and this works great. It doesn't however work on another pc running Windows 7.

I understand that Windows 7 does not support SMB3, but is there possibly another way around this? Is it even remotely possible to map a Windows 7 drive letter to an Azure Files account?


Unfortunately it's not possible. Mount an Azure File share and access the share in Windows states it clearly: Windows 7 has SMB 2.1.

In order to mount an Azure File share outside of the Azure region it is hosted in, such as on-premises or in a different Azure region, the OS must support SMB 3.0.

Azure Files are mountable in Azure VM using SMB 2.1, because there's no need for encryption, which is a new feature in SMB 3.0. Connections from on-premises must be encrypted.

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